Should we love LGBTQ people?

Yes. When Jesus was asked which is the great commandment in the law, He said

“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 22:37-40, NASB)

If LQBTQ people are our neighbors, then we must love them. Indeed, even if they are our enemies, we should love them (Matthew 5:43-48, NASB).


One of the things we ought to do is to tell them the truth. We should not tell them that nothing is wrong with them and affirm their “right” to choose their own gender identity. A fine example of how not to love LGBTQ people is shown to us by @DrRonHolt:


Let’s examine

“You are worthy of love.”

When we look at scripture, we do not see humans as being worthy of love. We ought to love our fellow human beings because they are made in God’s image. God doesn’t love us because we are worthy. Rather, God’s love is transformative, He set’s His love upon whomever He chooses, and makes them lovely.

“You are worthy of acceptance”

What could this mean other than making no issue about the sin of LGBTQ people? Loving a person does not mean I have to accept their particular sin. That sin could be the abomination of homosexual acts, the wretched behavior of a man dressing and acting like a woman and vice versa. I accept LGBTQ people; I accept that they are in sin and I need to tell them about Christ and His saving power. I will not, however, accept their sin as being normal. As long as I hold to the Bible as my ultimate authority, I just can’t.

“You are beautiful as you are.”

Who defines what beauty is? Is it subjective? God is the standard of what is and is not beautiful. When we reflect on God, and on our own sin, we should see that the image of God has been marred in us. We are not beautiful, but here is the good news; Christ is building His church. He is saving His elect. He is making His bride, the church, beautiful. We are repugnant apart from Christ, but when He saves us, the Holy Spirit makes us beautiful in that we become more like Christ every passing day.

“Your gender identity is valid.”

Does man have the ability to choose his or her gender? God creates us male or female. It is His choice. Our only choice is aligning our gender identity with our biological identity. We have no right to do otherwise. Your gender identity is only valid if it aligns with your biology.

“You deserve to feel safe.”

I do not want LGBTQ people to experience violence. Is there something that can reduce the violence that LGBTQ people experience? Yes, the gospel. The gospel can transform men. It can turn a cold hearted LGBTQ hating bully into a friend of LGBTQ people. A friend that loves them, and wants them to experience the same inner transformation that they themselves have experienced.

“You deserve to live authentically.”

I take this to mean that LGBTQ people have the right to live according to their sinful desires? God has not given any man the right to defy Him and to keep on sinning. Furthermore, we can only live authentic lives if we live in accordance with the purpose for which we were made. Glorifying God and enjoying Him forever; that is an authentic life.